What's New at Game Time Hobbie

Get your chance to play with Magic: The gatherings newest set before it's available for sale!

Join us this weekend for our Rivals of Ixalan Prerelease and be among the first to play with cards from the newest set. For $30 (tax included) you recieve a date stamped promotional card, a spin down die, and 4 packs of Rivals of Ixalan and 2 packs for Ixalan to build a 40 card deck from. Then play against others for a chance to win additional booster packs! We also will give aaway door prizes each round! Each event is 3 rounds with 2 packs per round to the winner (except for the win a box tournament which has a more competitive prize structure).

Event Times as Follows:


Midnight: 3 rounds, 2 packs per win



Noon: Win a Box of Rivals of Ixalan

3pm: 3 rounds, 2 packs per win

7pm: 3 rounds, 2 packs per win



2pm: Two Headed Giant 3 rounds, 4 packs per team win

3pm: 3 rounds, 2 packs per win

Star Wars Destiny releases its newest set, Legacies this Thursday (Janurary 11th) stop in then to pick up your booster box, packs, or starter decks!